Because the little things matter

Because the little things matter

BabyMatters has been serving women and families since 2005. We love working with pregnant, birthing, and postpartum families, to understand what they want in their journey and then to walk beside them to help them move toward their goal. Through education and the care we provide, we create more knowledgeable and supported parents and families. We offer many classes, doula services for families and training opportunities for professionals and can supply resources for things beyond what we offer. We hope you will explore our website and connect with us if you have any questions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Thoughts from those we serve

We chose to take a childbirth class for 3 reasons. The first is that this is our first baby. The second reason that I wanted to take the class is that I am hoping to labor without an epidural and wanted to learn all of the best ways to go about the labor and delivery process naturally. The 3rd was to help my husband very clearly see the multiple ways that he is involved in the process and that there is a lot more that he can help with than just holding my hand. My husband and I are more prepared to go through the birth process together and we have a better understanding of what to expect and how to work as a team.
– J (Prenatal Education Class)
We ended up finishing the class just in time because we welcomed our daughter, O, the following Saturday 7/13. 🙂
Thanks for guiding us through the class – it had a huge impact on our confidence throughout the birthing experience, and we’re so glad that we participated! 
– A & A (Prenatal Education Class)
We enjoyed learning tips and coping strategies.  It is good to know more about reality instead of Hollywood, and have a practical toolbox!
– C & B (Prenatal Education Class)
Coming home to our 2-year-old with the new baby was a challenge.  We knew we would need some help.  Debbie was great with helping understand how to interact/distract our older son when I was breastfeeding.  The idea of the special box of toys he could only play with near me while I nursed seemed to do the trick! Thanks for helping me figure out how to care for the cord, it kind of freaked me out.  The food you made for the family was very welcome and tasty! I didn’t know we should turn the heat down in the house and I’m glad you mentioned it. The days you came each week were days we looked forward to.  Your support and wisdom was really important to us having an easier postpartum experience.
– GN (Postpartum Doula Client)

Everyone should have a postpartum doula!  It took a lot of stress & anxiety away.  We had a support who was knowledgeable, reliable, and accessible.  Debbie answered our questions relating to sleep & nursing and relevant support.  Even small acts like picking up food from our favorite restaurant or just calling between visits to check in.  As first-time parents we really appreciated the education she shared when she was with us. Debbie was so thoughtful, empathetic, knowledgeable, and sensitive.  She has a gentle way of sharing information and providing support. It was a wonderful experience.  We are so glad we had her.
– PF (Postpartum Doula Client)
The postpartum doula workshop was exceptional.  I love moms and babies but I knew I didn’t have what it takes to be a birth doula.  I was so glad when I learned that I could help after the birth! Thanks for going over so many details about working with a family when they bring the baby home.  Learning about normal newborn behavior was great so I can help the parents understand as they get to know the baby.  I loved going over the HUG Your Baby info, it gave me a deeper wisdom about newborns. I was also grateful that we talked about what new moms experience in this time period, so much is aimed at the baby that we could forget the mom! Including sections about the fathers/partners and children were very helpful too. I loved all your stories and the hands on demonstrations of things.  Your knitted breast was great.  I’ll have to make one for myself.
– LF (Postpartum Doula Workshop)
I can’t wait to start my career as a doula.  Your workshop gave me so much confidence.  I loved the concrete practicing we did as well as the in depth look at how the body works and how to help labor be more effective.  It was important to me to learn that each birth is different, and I can’t use my birth as any kind of a standard.  I just need to understand the mom and family and walk with them in the direction they want to go! The “start your business” part of the workshop helped me get rid of some butterflies because I was thinking I had to start big, but your suggestions to just move forward one step at a time was really important to me.
– KJ (Postpartum Doula Workshop)

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