If an in-person childbirth education class doesnít fit your schedule or if you would like additional information after taking the in-person class our eClass is just right for you.

Our online childbirth class provides the information you need.

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Birth+Postpartum Doulas

BabyMatters offers both birth doula and postpartum doulas to help meet your needs.

The birth doula works with you prenatally to develop a plan for your birth and then she attends your birth to help you during and after labor.

The postpartum doula assists you in the transition that takes place when you bring a new baby into the family. It is such a time of change and a postpartum doula can help make it smoother.

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Doula Training

If you have the heart to serve women in a non-medical capacity during their pregnancy, birth and after the baby is born we invite you to take a birth doula workshop, a postpartum doula workshop or both. These workshops are approved by DONA International and you can become a DONA certified doula after you take these workshops and complete the other certification requirements.

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