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I have worked with pregnant women for the past 19 years as labor support. Ten years ago I knew that this was my calling and I directed all my education and training to that goal. In 2005, Debbie Young and I founded BabyMatters. We work with pregnant women and new families throughout the community & internationally offering education, support, and advocacy. In January of 2007 I was added to the Board of Directors of Brighter Futures Maternity Home. I was in charge of all the childbirth education for the girls and providing doula support. In June of 2007 I was awarded a $5000 grant from Avon for the work at Brighter Futures. Summer 2008, I worked closely with the Minister of Health of the Congo, in Africa, to help improve childbirth practices. August of 2011I held the first DONA approved Birth Doula workshop in Nairobi, Kenya.

During the past 7years I have spoke on many venues. At the DONA International Conference in St Louis, 2007, I gave a presentation, along with Debbie Young, on Integrated Services. I speak 3 times a year at Palmer Chiropractic Collage to students interested in working with pregnant women. Twice a year I speak at a local WIC program for teen pregnancy. In 2006 I spoke at the yearly conference for home daycare providers of Eastern Iowa regarding newborns. I have numerous times on a local TV program speaking about various childbirth practices, doulas, and teen pregnancy. I have spoken at local universities to the Womenís Studies department about the conditions in Africa and the benefits of labor support. I have spoken to different womenís groups at local churches. I am a DONA Birth Doula Trainer and hold workshops 2-3 times per month in different parts of the country. As a trainer, I have trained over 500 new doulas. I teach classes on Rebozo work and TENS. Two years ago I presented several workshops in Africa and a presentation to the Ministry of Health. July of 2010 I was in Haiti working with a local midwife and helping to expand the prenatal program on the mission field. Both in Africa and Haiti, I have studied and researched the culture and different faiths women bring to birth. In Aug. of 2011 I was in Kenya holding the first ever birth doula workshop and Feb of 2012 Debbie & I held several workshops in South Korea. Recently I have been added to an office of healthcare providers, 3 OBís and 3 midwives, teaching childbirth education and providing doula services. I am the current 3rd Party Reimbursement Coordinator for DONA International.

Debbie Young

Debbie Young began working with women in birth during her pregnancy with her second child. After experiencing the joy of a precious new baby born during a less than wonderful birth experience with her first baby, she decided to take matters into her own hands with the next birth. She became a childbirth educator while pregnant with her second baby in 1987. She started attending births as a doula with couple in 1988. Her passion for helping families in pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period continues to grow even today. She is a certified birth and postpartum doula with DONA International. She is the co-owner of BabyMatters.

She is the mother of five grown children. Each had a different birth adventure in which Debbie learned to trust birth and take it as it comes. She has also offered doula services and childbirth education to more that 2000 families since 1987.

Debbie is a Past President of DONA International, having served on that board for 8 years in roles including Director of Publications and Editor of the International Doula magazine. She has written a number of articles about topics of interest to birthing and new families as well as childbirth educators, doulas and caregivers in the birthing community for local, national and international publications. She is currently working on a book aimed at encouraging women to think positively about birth with a wonderful photographer.